Actuarial Exams: How to Prepare Yourself to Pass Them  

ImageIs exam taking one of your favorite pass times? Because if you are going to be a student of actuarial then taking up exams is probably going to be your life for the next several years. If your goal is to become an actuarial student then you will need to pass five preliminary exams.


These five tests that you will be taking are going to test everything you know because they are very difficult and you will need to be disciplined and dedicated if you ever hope to pass these exams.


If you want to be a lime actuarial then there are two things that you will need to have in order to be successful and that is persistence and determination. Just like many other tests in school, the students rarely understand why they need to do them until far later down the road. The students who take these exams think that answering as many questions as they can is what will let them pass.


Trying to answer as many questions as possible is usually the reason why many students fail, despite studying forever. Most students who fail will tend to go for a second try but instead of trying to answer all the questions that they can answer they will instead focus on a different technique. So then the students will go and study the chapters that they are not good at hoping this will give them enough to pass the test.


Once these students have studied up again, they will typically go back and try out the test again. And then they will fail once again. This could be a very confusing time for many of these students who keep on failing.


This is where most students will begin to realize that their knowledge of the exam and the subject matter isn’t really strong at all. And you simply can’t pass a major exam without understanding what it is about. You will have to learn how to study concepts rather than chapters if you want to pass these tests.  For more info about actuary certification, visit


It is vital that you understand and know the formulas that you are using otherwise it is pointless, it is like driving a car and not knowing what sort of fuel it uses and when you need to re-fill you are stuck because you didn’t bother to understand the concept and theories behind the formula or the fuel that makes the vehicle move. All you need to do to pass the tests is understand the concepts and once you got that down, then everything should be smooth sailing and you’ll get smsf actuarial certificates.